“ The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes ”

- Marcel Prous -

Less Options More Sales

Your business brand is much more than a logo and a catchy jingle. Decision makers take pain staking time to make decisions that align to the overall brand strategy. Having a clear product portfolio is critical to portraying a consistent and refined brand. Yes, more options does mean greater consumer choice, but the more options ... Read More »

Incentive Driven Behaviours

Why does your organisation have incentives? Most likely because they are trying to encourage certain behaviours from you. The salesperson with the most sales per month gets a cash bonus. While on the surface incentives make sense to encourage behaviours, they can often result in unintended behaviours coming to the fore. The person who got ... Read More »

The flexible business that died

Business flexibility is a state desired by most businesses. While I understand this to a certain degree I also think it is a dangerous place to be. Being able to respond to market changes is critical but the number of ways you can respond needs to be constrained if not by flexibility of your business ... Read More »

“ Do not be afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still ”

- Chinese Proverb -

Social Media in the Enterprise

Along with much of the world, New Zealanders are big Facebook users. Over half of our population has an account and Facebook has even overtaken TradeMe (NZ equivalent of eBay auction site) as the most popular site for New Zealanders. But the reality is that the power of social tools are generally not being exploited ... Read More »

Unproductive Productivity Tools

Big data, analytics,  user experience, creative design, are becoming more and more prominent in the work that we do. Strangely enough the tools that we are using have not changed that much. For the most part Office productivity tools are doing the same sorts of things that they have done for years. There are many ‘innovative’ ... Read More »

Same Content Different Channels

I used to feel quite strongly that Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, etc all served very specific purposes, and as such the content I shared across each channel was very different. Now I hold a different view. Today I find that I post the same content to multiple channels. Why this change? Well in part I think ... Read More »

“ There is only one boss - the customer. He fires everybody simply by spending his money elsewhere. ”

- Sam Walton -

The Fading Advantage of Information

For Christmas you decided to buy you and your family that new flat screen TV that you all deserve. Chances are that before you queued outside the big name electronic store to grab a Black Friday deal you did a bit of research of your own. By the time you got to the store and started to ... Read More »

Multitasking has had its Day

How many To Do items do you have on your list? How many different lists do you have? Do you spend more time managing your lists than actually working on getting things done? How often do you get to indulge and actually strike one of these bad boys off the list? The great thing about the ... Read More »

The Fall of Facebook

Maybe I would have a different opinion if I were in someone elses shoes. Why is it that most organizations are fueled by monetary growth? Turning a start-up into a billion dollar enterprise is not good enough anymore? At what point do these organizations start chasing the dollar sign rather than providing the best service possible to ... Read More »

“ The fragrance always stays in the hand that gives the rose ”

- George William Curtis -

Sitting on Good Ideas

So you have thought of the next best thing since sliced bread. Maybe the world can wait a little bit longer before seeing your awesome idea, in the end it will be better for all. New ideas can come in the middle of the night, but before an idea can become great, it may benefit ... Read More »

Don’t be Your Own Boss

Who has not ever dreamed of becoming their own boss, working on their own terms, and reaping all the rewards? There was a time when being your own boss in a small business made a tonne of sense, few small business would service ever growing cities and neighbourhoods. But if you pick up the phone ... Read More »

The Need for a Single Web ID

Your common web user likes to join conversations, share ideas, and try new apps and web services. Conversely not all like to spend time signing up to new services and sharing personal information. In the physical world pretty much the only form of ID you ever need is a Passport. With a Passport you can travel ... Read More »

“ If content is King, a content calendar is Queen ”

- Federico Herrera -

Business Lead Tech Projects

We are entering a wonderfully exciting technology age. Enterprise strength software is becoming more accessible and relevant. Specifically, enterprise software is becoming less costly and easier to self-implement and maintain – okay, maybe this does not apply as much to a full ERP solution. For certain business processes, business groups are now able to identify ... Read More »

Innovation is not Independent

Innovation by itself has never sold any products nor solved any of the world’s problems. Innovation also has a tendency of stealing the spotlight lately. Without the huge focus on innovation that we have today the world would still continue and improve through the likes of continuous improvements and rare moments of genius. If you ... Read More »

Harnessing Your Talent Pool

You are one of those few lucky organizations with a strong talent pool, but are you making the most of your good fortune? Do you struggle to easily identify expertise within your organization? Does business as usual take priority at the expense of strategic projects? Do you find that the organization relies heavily on external ... Read More »

“ I don’t pay good wages because I have a lot of money; I have a lot of money because I pay good wages ”

- Robert Bosch -

Where is the Dislike Button?

As Social Media continues to make a bigger mark in all of our lives and continues to mature, we can start to learn and refine. As a testament to the success of Social Media a huge number of us are eager to engage with others and share our opinions. And inevitably many of us are ... Read More »

Transparent Business Brands

Fastest, most reliable, cheapest, people’s choice, limited time, satisfaction guaranteed! Sounds great, or have we become desensitized to these types of statements, or even worse, are fast loosing trust in organizations? Take buying a car for example, with every manufacturer claiming out of this world fuel economy, performance, and reliability, have we stopped caring and ... Read More »

Convergence of Social Media Tools

With all the social media tools out there you probably find yourself using only a select few. Sure some tools and sites only have a small and niche audience, which works just fine. But for the mainstream tools that you find yourself using, can you still clearly articulate their unique value propositions? Like with most ... Read More »

“ If you can't fly then run, if you can't run then walk, if you can't walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward ”

- Martin Luther King Jr. -

Does your Business Support Communities?

Strong customer engagement through social media and online communities is being persued by most organizations today. Some business models lend themselves better to this than others. Online customer reviews, ratings, and support communities have worked well for organizations that sell “things”. However it is harder to achieve ongoing online customer engagement for services. Take the ... Read More »

Education Slow to Evolve

Is the technology world moving so fast that our educational institutes are becoming irrelevant? Probably not, formal education will always have its place. However, how does the education system make sure it stays relevant to as many bright minds as possible? What course does one enroll in if you want to learn how to build ... Read More »

Talent Shortage or Talent Surplus?

Too often we hear about the talent shortage “We are growing so fast and it is impossible to hire the talent that can sustain our growth”. With over 7 billion people in the world and the continued push for making sure that quality education is available to all, and not to mention all those entrepreneurial folks ... Read More »

“ You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough ”

- Mae West -

Capabilities Trump Detailed Requirements

Whether replacing outdated systems with something new or introducing a new set of business offerings that needs a new bread of systems, is one better of to focus on the capabilities and strength of the vendor rather than getting caught up in the detail? Procurement and implementation activities are great times for organizations to take time ... Read More »

Better than the Wheel

What is the first thing that most organizations do when faced with a new challenge? Most likely they will take a peek over their competitors fence to see what they have done and take a “let’s not reinvent the wheel” angle. Sure if you are facing a challenge that is merely one of operations and ... Read More »

Invention, Innovation and Improvement

Innovation is the word of the moment, what does it mean to you? To better understand what Innovation means to me I like to think of the concepts of Invention and Continuos Improvement sitting on either side of Innovation. Invention is the act of producing something completely new, be it by ingenuity or dumb luck. Continuos improvement is taking ... Read More »

“ Leadership: The art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it ”

- Dwight D. Eisenhower -

Defining the Crowd-Sourcing Crowd

Crowd-sourced answers have always been a area of interest to me. Why only ask one person when you can just as easily reach out to thousands across the globe? I have seen this model work and fail. What makes the difference? The idea behind the concept of a crowd-sourced answer is that somewhere out there ... Read More »

Look for Challenges and Fail Often

Where do you get your energy from? Is it from doing one thing well over and over? Or is it from trying new things and figuring out what did or did not work? Failing hurts and so does criticism. But it is the best way to learn and improve. The quicker you stretch yourself and ... Read More »